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Surfing SloMo

I moved. More than fivehundred kilometers - to lay my head on my girls arms. And I am "surfing" with 40,5kb, which is quiet boring and exhausting. It finally is enough to chat without animated smileys...lol. Have to be patient as always...

Facts on screen

I like movies, going to cinema and watching DVD. Of course. Years ago I saw "Face Off" in cinema and I just found:"Boah, wie geil!!" It was a time I loved noise, crashes and loud strenght in a movie and the money behind the scenes. Then it changed and I was so in love with the European movie, its clearness, silentness and the tune of the world I grew up with. Today I like both. It depends on my mood, the theme and actors, sure. (Well, I am not okay with Mr.Cruise as Stauffenberg and I can not imagine an Oscar will result.. but this is a total different chapter to me.).

So today is the Hollywood-Day for me and I typed a list of "facts" on Hollywood-Movies which I realized finally...PS: I saw The Simpsons last Week on cinema and I love-love-love it! :-)


... that is what I learned by watching Hollywood-movies: ;-)

1.) Every Police assignement at least once will lead into a strip-club.

2.) US-Phonenumbers allways start with 555.

3.) The hunted Hero may hide in a St.Patricks Day parade - any day of a year and any place (maybe Nagasaki or Moskau).

4.) Beds have Blankets formed like the Letter "L" which go to the womens breast and the mens waistline.

5.) Any supermart bag at least contains one baguette.

6.) Lipstick does not grease, neither after 48 hours nor on a dive.

7.) If the Hero has to reload his gun with munition, his pockets will always generate supply. Even if he did not have it one scene before.

8.) The German Officer does not have to speak German, any other foreign accent except German will do.

9.) The Eiffelturm can be seen easily from any Window in Paris.

10.) The Hero will bear misery by being shot, kicked and stroked without turning a hair, but he will twitch when the woman medicates the wound.

11.) By night the light in the open Fridge is always bright enough to shed light on the whole kitchen, the close-by corridor and front garden.

12.) In a Ghost-Castle women will follow the mystic noise in undies.

13.) Computer screens always show a window with the words "enter password". After entering it the printer will give a list with Russian Dechiffre-Codes.

14.) Peasants from the Middelage have excellent teeth.

15.) Although todays Weapons may be directed exactly to targets miles away, that technology will fall into oblivion on a mysterious way until the 24th Century.

16.) Driving a perfectly straight lane people have to steer hectically left and right.

17.) There is always a parking lot directly in front of the building the Hero wants to get in.

18.) Policemen only clarify criminal cases when they were suspended.

19.) When the Protagonist will spontaniously begin to dance on a street, 50 random pedestrians will dance as well and know exactly the steps.

20.) Priests are from Ireland, Waitresses from Georgia and waiters from New York.

21.) After phonecalls People ring off without saying good bye.

22.) After watching an important Information on TV it will be switched off directly, even if the anchor still talks about the same case.

23.) A Cars tires always squeal on any ground, whether it is grass, asphalt, sand or gravel.

24.) If there is need for a chain-saw - there will be one in reach.

Postcard from northern Norway

Last week I got two postcards from a former staffer from Norway. He used to be a dead reliable offshore-tender to me and others. During the past two years I had no idea where he was living and working now since he sadly dissappeared from my sight. The cards content is as giggly as he used to be. Tried to translate:

You drive a car with constant velocity.
On your left hand side you see an acclivity.
On your right hand side a Fire Engine drives the same celerity as you do.
In front of you a pig gallops. It is twice as big as your car and you can not overtake it.
Behind you a Helicopter follows you on ground level.All three of them, the Fire Engine, the Pig and the Helicopter are exactly as fast as you. What are you going to do to escape this situation safe?

Three days after, the next card came to me.

Gett off that kids-carousel and stop drinking!

I am glad to know he is still alive and full of nonsense.



Möwen sah um einen Felsen kreisen
Ich in unermüdlich gleichen Gleisen,
Auf gespannter Schwinge schweben bleibend,
Eine schimmernd weiße Bahn beschreibend,
Und zugleich im grünen Meeresspiegel
Sah ich um dieselben Felsenspitzen
Eine helle Jagd gestreckter Flügel
Unermüdlich durch die Tiefe blitzen.
Und der Spiegel hatte solche Klarheit,
Daß sich anders nicht die Flügel hoben
Tief im Meer, als hoch in Lüften oben,
Daß sich völlig glichen Trug und Wahrheit.
Allgemach beschlich es mich wie Grauen,
Schein und Wesen so verwandt zu schauen,
Und ich fragte mich, am Strand verharrend,
Ins gespenstische Geflatter starrend:
Und du selber? Bist du echt beflügelt?
Oder nur gemalt und abgespiegelt?
Gaukelst du im Kreis mit Fabeldingen?
Oder hast du Blut in deinen Schwingen? 
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer

Was looking for a poem or a lay which deals with the importance of things being true or not. I wanted to write it down with a pen. This is not what I was searching for but anytime I read this one again I am getting really touched. Analogies can unsettle.

No breakfast at all

What You See Is What You Get? Allright, my LJ has a nice precast design. I like it, it is in line with me.

To me, there is NO slice of toast bouncing on a toaster next to an orangejuice-tetrapack in an orange kitchen.

To me, there ONLY is a dark tanned, naked master on an up going submarine waving a flag during sunset which makes the waterline and sky look like painted orange. C´est tout.

First Step... again

Am I young? 31. Of course... not in the eyes of a child. But... feeling kissed I haven´t been more lively than now.

I am cool... or not? Of course not for the easy-listening crowd. Or maybe... that even-tempered guy is cool... now more then ever.

I can hear music with the skin. I can see music in the way you move. I can hear you grump and scream by catching your glance, so pipe down if you don´t mean it...

I perish every day again. This is not to be taken as granted since I am no luce or moray. But I grew up with cathetus´, axioms´ and calculated compression which will make me go up day by day.

I am an inventor. I invented my life and how it turns out to be. Being not the inventor of art makes me kind of envious. If she teaches me I will be at least an artist one day and compose on extensive canvas. People don´t have to buy it.

I am a writer. To get in touch with you I pass you my skratchpad. We can talk about everyday occurrences or philosophical thesises. We doodle a pasta recipe or the relevancy of chakra. We make an appointment in the townhall or quarrel about my dusty shoes. At the end of a day, a week, a month or a year I have a diary and could become a reader. But in my own case I prefer writing.

I am a collector and allways choose the room with the most books which is my livingroom. The books may be obsolete, teary, mazy, incomplete, funny, theoretical, progressiv or tattered. Every book is kind of a collection of letters and words and I take care of it.

I am a sailor and allways pick the place with the most water - if I have the choice. Facing a counter-rotating wave does not upset me. That blue or green power is always bracing me.

C´est tout.

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