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Hallo! I am a deaf guy about 30 years (gg) and my currency is called EURO.


Am I young? 31. Of course... not in the eyes of a child. But... feeling kissed I haven´t been more lively than now.

I am cool... or not? Of course not for the easy-listening crowd. Or maybe... that even-tempered guy is cool... now more then ever.

I can hear music with the skin. I can see music in the way you move. I can hear you grump and scream by catching your glance, so pipe down if you don´t mean it...

I perish every day again. This is not to be taken as granted since I am no luce or moray. But I grew up with cathetus´, axioms´ and calculated compression which will make me go up day by day.

I am an inventor. I invented my life and how it turns out to be. Being not the inventor of art makes me kind of envious. If she teaches me I will be at least an artist one day and compose on extensive canvas. People don´t have to buy it.

I am a writer. To get in touch with you I pass you my skratchpad. We can talk about everyday occurrences or philosophical thesises. We doodle a pasta recipe or the relevancy of chakra. We make an appointment in the townhall or quarrel about my dusty shoes. At the end of a day, a week, a month or a year I have a diary and could become a reader. But in my own case I prefer writing.

I am a collector and allways choose the room with the most books which is my livingroom. The books may be obsolete, teary, mazy, incomplete, funny, theoretical, progressiv or tattered. Every book is kind of a collection of letters and words and I take care of it.

I am a sailor and allways pick the place with the most water - if I have the choice. Facing a counter-rotating wave does not upset me. That blue or green power is always bracing me.

C´est tout.